Hound Cross Sprint Racing Sled Dogs

Our athletes are high octane working class dogs with proven lines from current and former World Champions!

about eurohounds and sprint racing sled dogs

About Sprint Racing Sled Dogs

The best racing sled dogs in the world are mutts, sprint mushers have added hounds and pointers to the mix.

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Our Athletes

Sprint racing sled dogs are some of the greatest endurance athletes on the planet. Check out our current roster.

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eurohound sprint racing sled dogs

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Become a part of our team and support one of our fine athletes!

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eurohound sprint racing sled dog

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Meet the Owner/ Musher

Tone Coughlin started Endurance Kennels in 2009 with just 5 young athletes. A coach, an athlete, the alpha of the pack.

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Affordable dog sled rides and tours in Northern Minnesota, an adventure fit for the entire family!

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