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Tone is an independent marketing and promotions professional specializing in web design, optimizing SEO, integrating social media, creating media (graphics and video), and print/TV ads. As a coach, has been working with human athletes since 1998 with his first coaching job at the Marshall School helping out with the cross country ski team. He later moved on to coach swimming, as the head coach of the North Shore Swim Club at the University of Minnesota Duluth. During that time he raced (1997-2009) as an elite amateur cyclist (road, track, cyclocross, mountain) all over North America and a few races in Central America competing with riders that raced in the Tour de France. He also is competitive at running, triathlon, swimming, and xc-skiing completing over 700 events. His first dog was Helena a retired Alaskan Husky. He picked up Toivo in 2006 as an 8 week old puppy who later started skijoring and bikejoring with him. In his free time he enjoys photography, archery hunting for big game, grouse hunting, fishing, spending time with the dogs, and training himself.

Five Years Living Off the Grid with Sled Dogs | Part 1 | Firewood

This April (2017) will be our five year anniversary of living off the grid on our forty acre homestead. Life itself, is very challenging and hard work when you have no access to modern conveniences such as running water, power, internet, fuel, etc. Simplifying you life off the grid sounds romantic, a dream many people [...]

2017 Open North American LIVE Time Sheets and Results

It's that time of year again to follow one of the greatest Open Class races in the World, the 2017 GCI Open North American Sled Dog Championships in Fairbanks, AK. Racing starts on Friday, March 17th and finishes on Sunday, March 19th. Racing starts at 1pm (AK) on all three days. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS Day 1 [...]

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Animal Answers with Brett Scott and FOX 21

The sport of mushing needs to be promoted by the mushers themselves or it will pass to the wayside. The passion mushers have for their hobbies or careers is very unique and we are always trying to find ways to promote the kennel. Brett Scott from FOX 21 came out to meet the dogs and [...]

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Duluth Folk School – Adventure Training for Your Best Friend (And You!) – A Success!

My friends Bryan French and Tim Bates founded Duluth Folk School earlier this year. I'm constantly thinking of great ways to promote our sled dog sport and the kennel locally. With all the great athletes (human) in this town and our dog friendly city it seemed a perfect fit for the new school and us. Bryan [...]

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Jaana’s False Pregnancy – A Dog Owner’s Perspective

Most large race teams that run ten plus canine athletes are breeding a litter or two each year while others prefer not to raise pups an purchase dogs from top mushers. We also need to put some puppies on the ground in order to feed young blood into the race team. In our experience, [...]

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