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Tone is an independent marketing and promotions professional specializing in web design, optimizing SEO, integrating social media, creating media (graphics and video), and print/TV ads. As a coach, has been working with human athletes since 1998 with his first coaching job at the Marshall School helping out with the cross country ski team. He later moved on to coach swimming, as the head coach of the North Shore Swim Club at the University of Minnesota Duluth. During that time he raced (1997-2009) as an elite amateur cyclist (road, track, cyclocross, mountain) all over North America and a few races in Central America competing with riders that raced in the Tour de France. He also is competitive at running, triathlon, swimming, and xc-skiing completing over 700 events. His first dog was Helena a retired Alaskan Husky. He picked up Toivo in 2006 as an 8 week old puppy who later started skijoring and bikejoring with him. In his free time he enjoys photography, archery hunting for big game, grouse hunting, fishing, spending time with the dogs, and training himself.

Dog Flu ‘Just a Matter of Time’ in Minnesota

Source: Dog flu 'just a matter of time' in Minnesota Here is some great information about the dog flu that is hitting the midwest. If you have specific questions it's best to contact your Veterinarian.  

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Thank You Everyone for a Successful 2014-2015 Season!

Thank you from Helena! We had an amazing year with our athletes, completed all of our goals for the season, and actually gained a lot more ground on our 5 year plan than we had expected! However, we could not have done it without the help of YOU. In no particular order: [...]

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NEW Garmin Alpha 100 – Testing and First Impressions

With my BS degree in Exercise Science, coaching, and elite athletic background I always kept a thorough and detailed training journal with as much data as I could collect i.e. time, elevation, distance, avg. spd, heart rate, weight, intensity, etc. As an athlete, it's the only way you can gauge year to year training and [...]

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Sprint Sled Dog Racing Featured in Sports Illustrated!

A wonderful article titled "Born to Run: Sprint sled-dog racing is fast and furry-ous" with Lilly Stewart, a sprint musher from Ipswich, Massachusetts was published this week in Sports Illustrated. Some of our mushing friends Ken Davis of Saginaw, MN and Amy Cooper of Holmen, WI are also mentioned in the article. Such great publicity [...]

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Kennel Update – Spring 2015

The Snow is Gone! Wow, our snow cover sure went fast! Warm temps in early March reaching into the low 60's F took a toll on our sled training for the season. We were hoping to get some training in on the sled working with young leaders to supplement our aging team. The dogs have [...]

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