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2016 ONAC Time Sheets

It's that time of year again for one of the greatest sprint races in North America, the Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race held in Fairbanks, AK this coming weekend March 18, 19, and 20th. Three days of racing from some of the best Open Class teams in the World. Each year I do [...]

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Funny Sled Dog Faces (DERP)

I had the privilege of working with the IFSS during the 2015 Dryland World Championships in Bristol, Quebec. There were some amazing action photos taken by very talented photographers, many of which I posted on the IFSS website. Going through the photos I couldn't help notice the funny look on many of the dogs' faces! [...]

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Preparing for Fall Training – Equipment and Exercises

Turbo and Grace first day of fall training 2014 Fall ATV training is just around the corner in just four weeks! In northern Minnesota our usual start date is right around September 15th plus or minus seven days. Our kennel cutoff is 50-52F for harness training and 55-58F for free running depending on the humidity. [...]

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Ari X Mindy Puppies are ‘On the Ground’ and Growing Fast!

Mindy whelped seven healthy puppies on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 during the late afternoon. This litter theme is '80's Hair Bands' with two females and five males. You can see their pedigree here -> Ari on the top side goes back to purebred Vorsteh Pointer (vorstehhund) and Mike (E. Ellis). Mindy on the bottom side comes from [...]

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Free Running Season is Here!

Summer time is fun time for our dogs; running stress free, chasing birds and bunnies, marking bushes and trees, jumping in ponds, creeks, and rivers to cool off, and playing with and challenging each other. I like to take smaller groups of 4-6 dogs to start the season out working on focus and training and [...]

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