2010 East Meets West Dryland Championships

All I have to say, is that the race crew had their shit together this year! Everything was great, ppl were friendly, trail was awesome, volunteers were spectacular, and trail help was superb! The staff definitely raised the bar compared to last season. If you didn't come down, too bad. You missed out. Thank you [...]

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Bikejoring Video #1

Well, here it is!  I've been playing with my new helmet cam and still need to make some adjustments so you can see the dogs better.  It's a long video, sorry for keeping you waiting while it buffers but it's kind of fun. Seppo and Jaana are in lead, Ari is the wheel dog and [...]

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Fun Fall Training Video

Deb & Steve came out to see how the dogs' new blaze orange harnesses were fitting. Sorry for all the wheel dog action, I forgot to bring my sunglasses so I was getting pelted with sand in the eyes and had to look down. Our run was a non-stop pace run, 3.54 miles avg spd [...]

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