UMD PAWS – Pet Away Stress Program for College Students

Yesterday we brought eight athletes down to the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus for the monthly PAWS event. UMD PAWS is a program designed to lower stress levels in students and faculty by bringing animals on campus once a month. In a two hour period we had about 200 students come out take pictures, selfies, a [...]

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Free Running 16 Sled Dogs With Heini Winter

This is our favorite free running video featuring Heini Winter and 16 of his eurohound sled dogs running through the streets, fields, trails, and swimming in the streams of Augsburg, Germany. You can see how happy the dogs are enjoying their daily summer exercise! Passing loose dogs and other people is not an issue. Crossing [...]

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Summer Training With Sled Dogs – Update

Summer training is still going strong! Cool mornings with wet grass has helped a lot, most of our favorite water holes have dried up. The dogs are running 10.5-7mi 4-5 days/week and having lots of fun doing it! We're really looking to see what they can do once harness season starts in late September. Here's [...]

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5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Come and celebrate 5 years with us! Friday, October 3 - Sunday, October 5, 2014 ATTN mushers, friends, family, and dog enthusiasts! Let's get together for a fun fall getaway in the Northern MN forest just 17 miles North of Duluth Minnesota. Camping room available on the premises and in the forest. All ages and [...]

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Bikejoring In The Press!

On Tuesday Dec. 1st, WDIO sports reporter Sarah Frakes came out to do a story on us about bikejoring thanks to the tip from my roommate meteorologist Justin Liles. The story aired last night on our local Duluth channel 10/13. Here it is!!

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