Thank You Everyone for a Successful 2014-2015 Season!

Thank you from Helena! We had an amazing year with our athletes, completed all of our goals for the season, and actually gained a lot more ground on our 5 year plan than we had expected! However, we could not have done it without the help of YOU. In no particular order: [...]

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Dog Sledding, Minnesota Style – Huffington Post

We had a videography crew out at the kennel to do a story about dog sledding. Kevin Richberg is an independent travel writer/ videographer/ documentarian who was on a mission to put a positive spin on "the worst winter ever". On his way west from New York he stopped and did some wine tasting in [...]

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Two New Athletes!

We'd like to welcome Ollie and Mindy to Endurance Kennels LLC, from Windigo Kennels and Outfitters. Ollie raced with us on our 10 dog team back in 2010-2011 and is Raimo's littermate brother. Mindy was bred by Ed Streeper and is Valor's half sister. Very fast smooth running dog. Both dogs will fit in very [...]

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Off-Season Training With Sled Dogs

Now that most of the snow is gone here in Minnesota and warmer weather is on the way, harness training has ended for the 2013-2014 season. The dogs are acclimatized to colder conditions so they can easily overheat by pushing hard as they have easily done all winter. During the "off-season" we like to let [...]

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Two Years in Duluth!

It's hard to believe how fast time flies by as April 2014 marks two years since we purchased our property on 40 acres and moved back to Duluth! I knew the area very well as we used to grouse hunt up here and knew there was a designated dog trail around the property and outlying [...]

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