Kennel Update – Spring 2015

The Snow is Gone! Wow, our snow cover sure went fast! Warm temps in early March reaching into the low 60's F took a toll on our sled training for the season. We were hoping to get some training in on the sled working with young leaders to supplement our aging team. The dogs have [...]

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Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired

Our most popular video on YouTube, "Bikejoring | Dirty Dog Dryland Derby | Day 1" is now closed captioned for the hearing impaired! Enjoy! Description: Bikejöring with Jaana and Seppo (husky hound cross (Eurohound)), they rip up the course at an average speed of 20 mph. Sorry for the bouncy footage, it's hard to keep [...]

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Heading Out to the First Sled Races of the Year!

Deb, the dogs, and I are headed out tomorrow morning for the first sled race of the season tomorrow morning in Kalkaska, MI. It's the second longest running sled dog race in the lower 48 behind Laconia, NY. I am driving three teams, 8 dog, 6 dog, and 4 dog. The teams have been training hard [...]

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Ready to Race!

One of Deb's long time customers from northern Illinois came up last weekend to run his rescue siberians on some snow.  Jason got some good footage of my team heading out for our first interval training session of the year.  The dogs in blaze orange and Raimo in wheel are Endurance Kennel's dogs, all the [...]

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Bikejoring Video #1

Well, here it is!  I've been playing with my new helmet cam and still need to make some adjustments so you can see the dogs better.  It's a long video, sorry for keeping you waiting while it buffers but it's kind of fun. Seppo and Jaana are in lead, Ari is the wheel dog and [...]

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