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Two New Athletes!

We'd like to welcome Ollie and Mindy to Endurance Kennels LLC, from Windigo Kennels and Outfitters. Ollie raced with us on our 10 dog team back in 2010-2011 and is Raimo's littermate brother. Mindy was bred by Ed Streeper and is Valor's half sister. Very fast smooth running dog. Both dogs will fit in very [...]

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Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired

Our most popular video on YouTube, "Bikejoring | Dirty Dog Dryland Derby | Day 1" is now closed captioned for the hearing impaired! Enjoy! Description: Bikejöring with Jaana and Seppo (husky hound cross (Eurohound)), they rip up the course at an average speed of 20 mph. Sorry for the bouncy footage, it's hard to keep [...]

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Jaana Has New Puppies!

Jaana had a nice healthy litter of 9 puppies! 6 boys and 3 girls, all super cute! The litter is an espresso theme: Boys - Breve, Cino, Cortado, Grande, Latte, and Turbo. Girls - Bombon, Crema, and Mocha.   Here is a video of them feeding. Some puppies will be up for sale, contact me [...]

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Dogs Sold! – Clara & Magnus

I'm going to miss you guys, good luck with your new owners! "Good dog for sale. "Clara" (E. Streeper). Check out http://www.dogtec.com/kennel/endurance-kennels/dog/clara for bloodlines. Great attitude, yearling, intact female, 40 lbs. I harness broke her last fall (2010), she has at least 70-80 hookups on her and is currently training with the team at 8 [...]

Heading Out to the First Sled Races of the Year!

Deb, the dogs, and I are headed out tomorrow morning for the first sled race of the season tomorrow morning in Kalkaska, MI. It's the second longest running sled dog race in the lower 48 behind Laconia, NY. I am driving three teams, 8 dog, 6 dog, and 4 dog. The teams have been training hard [...]

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