The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Has New Leadership

You read that right, and guess who's the new interim President? Yours truly! Tone Coughlin. A team of individuals decided to step up to the plate and revive the once cancelled 2014 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. The previous board was getting tired, and the organization needed some fresh blood to rekindle it's spirits. The [...]

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Puppies are Getting Big!

Jaana's pups are now 6 weeks old and have tons of energy. It seems like they grow a little more each day! Here's a video of them climbing out of the kennel and playing on the edge of the woods.

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Dogs Sold! – Clara & Magnus

I'm going to miss you guys, good luck with your new owners! "Good dog for sale. "Clara" (E. Streeper). Check out http://www.dogtec.com/kennel/endurance-kennels/dog/clara for bloodlines. Great attitude, yearling, intact female, 40 lbs. I harness broke her last fall (2010), she has at least 70-80 hookups on her and is currently training with the team at 8 [...]

Endurance Kennels in the Duluth News Tribune!

From the Duluth News Tribune published January 12, 2010 SLED DOG RACING Coughlin third in 18-mile race Tone Coughlin of Duluth placed third in the 18-mile recreation six-dog class race in Sunday’s White Oak Classic in Deer River. His team finished in 1 hour, 24 minutes, 48 seconds, about five minutes behind the leaders. Nathan [...]

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