Preparing for Fall Training – Equipment and Exercises

Turbo and Grace first day of fall training 2014 Fall ATV training is just around the corner in just four weeks! In northern Minnesota our usual start date is right around September 15th plus or minus seven days. Our kennel cutoff is 50-52F for harness training and 55-58F for free running depending on the humidity. [...]

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Kennel Update – Spring 2015

The Snow is Gone! Wow, our snow cover sure went fast! Warm temps in early March reaching into the low 60's F took a toll on our sled training for the season. We were hoping to get some training in on the sled working with young leaders to supplement our aging team. The dogs have [...]

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Free Running 16 Sled Dogs With Heini Winter

This is our favorite free running video featuring Heini Winter and 16 of his eurohound sled dogs running through the streets, fields, trails, and swimming in the streams of Augsburg, Germany. You can see how happy the dogs are enjoying their daily summer exercise! Passing loose dogs and other people is not an issue. Crossing [...]

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Follow Us on Instagram!

We have lots of fun kennel photos, dog photos, and training videos on our instagram account. FOLLOW US! Here's just a few for your viewing pleasures...

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Summer Training With Sled Dogs

There is no such thing as off season for elite athletes! The goals and methods may change throughout the season but the bodies need to stay in a forward motion, with lungs expanding, muscles lengthening and contracting, hearts pounding, joints and ligaments strengthening, and minds exercised. We are well out of harness training [...]

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